on "Modeling TCP congestion control to improve network performance"

Our work on Active Buffer Management in Datacenters will appear at ACM SIGCOMM 2022. Congratulations especially to Vamsi and Maria, for the great...

on "Online Algorithms with Lookaround"

Congratulations to Oliver and Marcelo!

Welcome to our group, Tina Esmaeilzadeh!

Very happy to spread the news that Klaus-Tycho Foerster joins TU Dortmund as a (tenured) Professor for Computer Networks and Distributed Systems!

Welcome to the group, Dominik!

Uni:view made a short portrait and video of our research group and our ERC project in particular.

on "Distributed Computation and Reconfiguration in Actively Dynamic Networks"

Welcome to our group, Samarth Tiwari!

Welcome, Csaba Györgyi!

Congratulations, Klaus-Tycho Foerster, for receiving a university-wide Teaching Award for 2021!

on "A Nearly Optimal Deterministic Online Algorithm for Non-Metric Facility Location"

on "Improving data transfer efficiency in data centers with WCMP (weighted-cost multipath)"

on "CBNet: Minimizing Adjustments in Concurrent Demand-Aware Tree Networks"

on "Low-Latency Optical Networks: Metro-Access Converged Networks & Fast-Reconfigurable Optical Interconnects"

Mahtab Alghasi, a student at Sharif University of Technology, Iran, is currently doing a research internship with our group on online algorithms for...

on the "Scalability and Liquidation Enhancement in QoS Lightning Networks"

Check out the full article (in German).

Congratulations especially to Mahmoud, Apoorv, Maciej and Klaus!

Yerra Gowri Pratyusha, a student at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, is currently doing a research internship with our group on...

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Barbara Keller will give guest lectures on “Society in Graphs” in our courses on Network Algorithms and...

Welcome to our new PhD student Vamsi Addanki.

on "TAGO: Rethinking Routing Design in High Performance Reconfigurable Networks"

We'll present our recent algorithmic results on online graph clustering, demand-aware network designs and local fast failover at SIAM SODA and SIAM...

A warm welcome to Philipp Zabka!

Welcome to the group, Daniel Berger!

We have a new PhD student: Mr. Arash Pourdamghani.

for receiving the "Best PhD Thesis Award"!

A warm welcome to our new PhD student Juan Martin Vanerio.

Welcome to the new post doc: Anders Mariegaard!

Welcome to the group, Nikolaus Süß!

Welcome, Kyrill Winkler!

Amir Sabzi is doing his internship in the area of the security of software-defined networks.

Alexandre Labbé and Julien Dallot are conducting a research project on algorithms for demand-aware networks.

Ichha Rathod and Priyanka Burada, students at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, are currently doing a research internship with our group on...

Punit Shyamsukha, a student at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, is currently doing a research internship with our group on self-adjusting...

We are looking for PhD students interested in theoretical and algorithmic aspects of communication networks.

for his work on "Virtual Network Embeddings: Theoretical Foundations and Provably Good Algorithms"

Two papers from our group members were accepted to ICALP 2020 conference!

Welcome to our group, Oliver!

Sanja starts as an external PhD student.

Michael has joined our research group as student assistant.

Robert Sama, welcome to our group!

on "New proof systems for sustainable blockchains: proofs of space and verifiable delay functions"

Welcome, Katsiaryna!

Welcome, Maciek!

on security challenges in emerging communication networks

Title: "Improve Operations of Data Center Networks with Physical-Layer Programmability"

on "Why Extension-based Proofs Fail"

on the applications of topology to distributed algorithms...

Congratulations, Kaushik!

In this project starting 2020, we will break new ground by developing the foundations for ...

On 14 January 2020 Prof. Suomela gives a Talk on the topic "Foundations of Distributed Computing in the 2020s" at the invitation of the research group...

Welcome, Bernhard Schrenk!


on "Towards Self-Optimizing Networks"

on " Adversarial Network Benchmarking: From Measurements to Simulations "

on "Learning Network Protocols": December 4, 2019 (15:00 | HS 3)

to ACM CoNEXT 2019!

Welcome, Esra Ceylan!

for the paper "Synchronous t-Resilient Consensus in Arbitrary Graphs"

on "Of Trust and Ledgers...

on "Towards Automatic Runtime Verification of P4 Switches"

on "The Bouncer Problem: Challenges to Remote Explainability ?"

for our paper “Improved Fast Rerouting Using Postprocessing”

We have a new team member.

on "The local-ratio technique in environments with uncertainty"

from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of

Informatics and Telecommunications

on P4 runtime verification: congratulations, Apoorv!

on "Clustering Datacenter Machines into Applications with Netslicer"

on "Preventing (Network) Time Travel with Chronos"

on "Reasoning about Computer Networks using Graph Neural Networks"

Welcome, Dr. Mandal!

Welcome to the group!

on "Network Level IoT Security"

to the "Heurigen" around Vienna

at IFIP Networking 2019

for master thesis work

Stefan Schmid gives keynote

on "Packet-Level Network Telemetry and Analytics"

on "Resilient Stateful Edge Computing"

on "Recent Results in Population Protocols for Exact Majority"

on "Resilient Ultra Dense Networks under UAV Coverage for Disaster Management"

Welcome to our group!

Check out our open projects and thesis topics on our website.

on "A Brief History of Uppaal Stratego"

on "Non-blocking Advanced Search Structures"

A very warm welcome to our new research fellow.

on "Concurrent Connected Components"

on "FITing-Tree: A data aware index structure"

at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

on DoS attacks on virtual switches

5 full papers accepted at IEEE INFOCOM 2019

Welcome in our team!

on the topic "From SDN Network Hypervisor Measurements to Fast Virtual Network Provisioning: A Long Story Short"

Welcome to the group!

Welcome, Thomas Fenz!

Ivona Brandic will be talking about "Facilitating Near real time analytics on the edge through staleness control"

We are pleased to welcome our new research fellow: Anais

Iosif Salem visits us as a postdoctoral researcher: Welcome!

Welcome to the group, Arash!

on "Scalable distributed data structures: queues, stacks, and heaps"

Welcome to the group, Andrzej!

on "Set-Constrained Delivery Broadcast: Definition, Abstraction Power, and Computability Limit" ...


We are pleased to welcome a new guest: Roshan.

Our paper “Charting the Complexity Landscape of Virtual Network Embeddings” wins ...

1 full paper and 4 workshop papers accepted to SIGCOMM 2018 ...

Watch our talks at the DIMACS seminar on data center algorithms ...

On May 2nd, Juho Hirvonen gives a talk on the topic "Towards a complexity theory for distributed graph algorithms"

We are looking for a smart PhD student interested in Network Algorithms...

Our paper " Taking Control of SDN-based Cloud Systems via the Data Plane" wins best paper award ...

Our collaborator Liron Schiff (Chief Scientist at Guardicore) is interviewed by SDxCentral ...

In Dagstuhl, Klaus-Tycho gives an overview of the algorithmic challenges ...

on "Data-Aware Network Design: Some Results and Open Questions"...

We are pleased to welcome our new research fellow.