The Chair of Communication Technologies aims at the investigation of future communication networks and future applications offered through these networks.

The chair focuses on the following research topics:

  • algorithms and mechanisms to design and operate communication networks 
  • network architectures and protocols for future communication technologies
  • performance evaluation of networked and distributed systems
  • network security
  • wireless and cellular networks

Our vision is that networked systems should become self-* (i.e., self-configuring, self-adjusting, self-optimizing).

Accordingly, we are currently particularly interested in automated and data-driven approaches to design, optimize, and verify networked systems.

Research Group Lead

Prof. Stefan Schmid [» CV]

For a list of publications see Stefan Schmid's profiles on Google scholar and DBLP.

 News & Events

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on "Scalable distributed data structures: queues, stacks, and heaps"

Ivona Brandic will be talking about "Facilitating Near real time analytics on the edge through staleness control"

Guy Avni (IST Austria) gives a talk on "game theory in networks"

on "Set-Constrained Delivery Broadcast: Definition, Abstraction Power, and Computability Limit" ...


Our paper “Charting the Complexity Landscape of Virtual Network Embeddings” wins ...

1 full paper and 4 workshop papers accepted to SIGCOMM 2018 ...

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