CT-Talk with Jialong Li - March 30, 2021 (13:00 | virtual)

on "Low-Latency Optical Networks: Metro-Access Converged Networks & Fast-Reconfigurable Optical Interconnects"

Link to the event: https://bbb.cs.univie.ac.at/b/foe-qce-3jm

Many applications require low-latency interconnects. In this talk, the speaker will present two works on how to build low-latency optical networks. At first, a metro-access converged network is introduced where data can be transmitted without extra processing time by leveraging transparent connections. This architecture achieves low end-to-end latency. Then the speaker will introduce a fast-reconfigurable optical interconnect architecture applied in HPC (High-Performance Computing). HPC demands extremely low-latency data transmission and various applications running in HPC show different traffic patterns. The proposed optical interconnect could change its topology quickly according to different traffic patterns.

Jialong Li is a PhD candidate in Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, where he also received the B. E. degree in 2016. He is currently advised by Prof. Xiaoping Zheng and Prof. Bingkun Zhou. His research interests include optical networks and optical communications.