Three papers accepted


1. "SplitCast: Optimizing Multicast Flows in Reconfigurable Datacenter Networks"

Authors: Long Luo, Klaus-T. Foerster, Hongfang Yu, Stefan Schmid
This paper presents SplitCast, a preemptive multicast scheduling approach that fully exploits emerging physical-layer multicast capabilities to reduce flow times.

2. "Simple and Fast Distributed Computation of Betweenness Centrality"

Authors: Pierluigi Crescenzi, Pierre Fraigniaud and Ami Paz
The paper presents an efficient algorithm for computing betweenness centrality, an importunate graph parameter that has been successfully applied to network analysis.

3. "Working Set Theorems for Routing in Self-Adjusting Skip List Networks"

Authors: Chen Avin, Iosif Salem, Stefan Schmid
The paper presents a self-adjusting network based on a skip list topology, as well as online algorithms that bound the routing and adjustment costs according to the (pairwise) working set property.