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In this project starting 2020, we will break new ground by developing the foundations for ...

The Chair of Communication Technologies aims at the investigation of future communication networks and future applications offered through these networks.

The chair focuses on the following research topics:

  • algorithms and mechanisms to design and operate communication networks 
  • network architectures and protocols for future communication technologies
  • performance evaluation of networked and distributed systems
  • network security
  • wireless and cellular networks

Our vision is that networked systems should become self-* (i.e., self-optimizing, self-repairing, self-configuring). 

Accordingly, we are currently particularly interested in automated and data-driven approaches to design, optimize, and verify networked systems.

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on "Scalable distributed data structures: queues, stacks, and heaps"

Welcome to the group, Andrzej!

on "Set-Constrained Delivery Broadcast: Definition, Abstraction Power, and Computability Limit" ...


We are pleased to welcome a new guest: Roshan.

Our paper “Charting the Complexity Landscape of Virtual Network Embeddings” wins ...

1 full paper and 4 workshop papers accepted to SIGCOMM 2018 ...